News Features

Here’s a handful of my news clippings from Seven Days — stories you wouldn’t find in the local daily:

Kosher Caskets: Checking out Jewish Montreal with a “dead head”
I spent a day north of the border with a philosophizing coffin salesman. We met discussed Jewish death rituals and visited with a funeral director who collects GI Joe dolls and an ultra-Orthodox baker whose ring tone is “The Can Can,” and I won an award for the year’s best feature story in a Vermont non-daily

Getting Roofied I happened to be the person who picked up the phone when a young woman called the office, saying she’d been “roofied.” The resulting story looked at the horror of rape drugs from a legal, medical and psychological perspective.

Tough Love A visit with two Vermonters who show their love with whips and cuffs.

Having My Baby Women having babies without men — the stork story for an increasing number of families I know, and one of subplots in Little Grandma’s Mirror.

Love-Able Having a physical disability doesn’t preclude the joy of sex, but it does call for some ingenuity and imagination.


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