Bat Time

Two bats flutter and turn in midair, looping and crossing. Another swings past like a black boomerang, too fast to follow. More waltz and hook, sweeping the sky: hungry bats showing off as they gather their insect feast. Daddy and Leila laugh and clap.
“It’s a bat bonanaza!” Daddy shouts.

When our children were little and we were living in Vermont, my husband David would sometimes take them outside onto the deck to look for bats before tucking them in for the night. The summer ritual inspired this 1991 picture book — an unlikely bedtime story that helps children (and their parents) appreciate some of our most misunderstood, and environmentally crucial, fellow creatures. Susan Avishai‘s friendly illustrations provide a homey, comfortable setting for the story.

Unfortunately, the book’s publisher, Four Winds Press, no longer exists. Contact me directly at if you would like to buy a copy.


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