Big Surprise in the Bug Tank

When Leo and I got two giant pet cockroaches, we didn’t know that when roaches share a tank, two can become eight, and ten, and more, and more and MORE! Yikes — our bug tank is getting way too crowded!

Luckily, our mom knows all about bugs. But when we asked what we should do, Mom just said that we were “as sharp as wasp stings” and she bet that we could figure out what to do.

But will we be able to find enough roach lovers?

Are pet roaches a good surprise?

And what will happen if Leo and I can’t solve the population puzzle?

In Big Surprise in the Bug Tank, an easy reader suitable for kids reading at about a third-grade level, two cockroach loving brothers discover that when their pets reproduce, the baby bugs are even harder to give away than a litter of kittens. I published the book in 2005 as a sequel to my first cockroach book, Breakout at the Bug Lab.

Buy Big Surprise in the Bug Tank here or here or better yet, order it from your local independent book store.

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    […] point, I set the project aside. By now, Crab Moon and Breakout at the Bug Lab had come out, and Big Surprise in the Bug Tank was in the works. But I was starting to get interested in other kinds of writing, for readers who […]

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