Short Stories

From time to time, Seven Days publishes fiction.  A few of my short stories have appeared in the paper. Click on the title to read the story.

On Watch” (2005) was originally entitled “Shomer.” In the traditional Jewish death ritual, the deceased is ritually cleaned, and then “watched over” by members of the community until the funeral. Shomer means “watcher.”  My story, which takes place on the night before a funeral, was drawn from an early draft of my novel, LITTLE GRANDMA’S MIRROR.

Parts of The News From Ukraine (2004) also appear in LITTLE GRANDMA’S MIRROR. The novel follows two narrative threads. While “On Watch” gives a taste of the realistic, contemporary thread, “The News From Ukraine” reflects the book’s imaginary, historical storyline.

2 Responses to “Short Stories”

  1. monica morris Says:


    I just read your story On Watch. I found it very moving in the light of my own experience of watching my aging mother deal with the inevitable passage of time. I find myself wanting to stop time and get off for a while, just until I can find some level of acceptance that this is not something I can control. I guess I’ll have to do this work whilst on the moving conveyor belt that is my life, my journey. Thank you for your story. Monica

  2. Ruth Horowitz Says:

    Thanks for reading my story, Monica — and for leaving a comment.

    I hope your own experience goes as well as possible for everyone. Finding the proper balance between advocacy and acceptance is pretty crucial, I think. And awfully difficult to maintain

    Lots of love to you, old friend.


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