Crab Moon

One night in June, Daniel sees the extraordinary sight of hundreds of horseshoe crabs spawning on the beach — just as they have for 350 million years. In the morning, Daniel returns to find a lone crab, marooned in the sand. Can he save it?

I based my 2000 picture book, Crab Moon, on email messages from my Aunt Susan, in which she described the wonder of witnessing horseshoe crabs gathering on the beach near her house on Long Island. I didn’t actually see the sight for myself until after the book was published. And I never imagined that I would one day move to Rhode Island, where I have come across horseshoe crabs convening on the beach just steps from my own home.

I have been honored by the book’s reception, especially by teachers. The National Science Teachers Association named it an Outstanding Science Trade Book for Children. Lynn Dorfman included Crab Moon in her book, Mentor Texts: Teaching Writing Through Children’s Literature.

And I am especially grateful for Kate Kiesler‘s luminous oil painting illustrations.

Buy Crab Moon here or here or order it through your local independent book store.

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