How I’ve Been Spending My Summer Vacation

Why, yes. I have been gone quite a while. Thanks for noticing. It’s not that I’ve forgotten you or lost interest in writing. Quite the contrary. I have started an abandoned half a dozen posts since the beginning of the summer. The problem is that life has been moving so fast – each time I’ve stepped back to put an experience into words, the next one has come along and swept me with it.

Since I last posted here, I have, among other things:


Taken a train through the Austrian Alps;


Spent a week at a Central Eurpean resort with a punny name…


… and a fairy tale lake;Image

Found a picture I painted when I was five hanging in my uncle’s apartment in Vienna;


Played with my Indian grandfather-in-law’s shooting stick on a trail in Colorado;


Attended my first rodeo;


and returned to Vermont to spend a weekend getting my writing batteries recharged, so I can begin to think about how to turn all this material into stories.


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One Response to “How I’ve Been Spending My Summer Vacation”

  1. readmarl Says:

    Welcome home! What an exciting summer. Hope you are feeling well. Your pictures have been outstanding. Forget about the writing -you should be a professional photographer!

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