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One of the procrastination-encouraging cool things about keeping a blog is being able to pull back the curtain and check out what’s going on behind the scenes. You can follow an hour-by-hour record of how many times people visited your site, and see which posts they went to. You can find out which links they clicked on while they were at your site. And you can learn whether they found your blog through Facebook or Twitter or some other site.

But the best part of this inside look is the list of search terms that led visitors your way. It tells you a lot about your niche, and how people’s minds work. It reveals things about your writing you might not have noticed. And it can be strangely lovely, in a surreal way, like found poetry.

Here’ a sampling of search terms that led people my way over during the few weeks:

what’s wrong with this picture ghost couch

squashed head Barbie

my non jewish friend won’t let me light a yahrzeit candle

broken doll head

pictures of divorce style huevos rancheros

broken Barbie Facebook

what happens at the end of giving up the ghost?

doll head

I didn’t take the peanuts

doll part

Aramaic recipes

doll leg

Tunisian bakery

doll limbs

dog bakery windows

Zbarazh women

school children at staircase

Zbarazh Ukraine

drawings of skewed skylines

comfortably drawing

New York skyline from Montclair

cathar castles

man bottle opener

roman angels

Wine bottle opener broken away

sculptures Europe angels faces

man standing without words in my dreams

million dollars

artful nuns b shaped trees

old dark house

bugtank book

lace drawings

gate path wall water

drafts of houses

gop 2012 jack-o-lanterns

James Dobson makes surprise visit

fifteen spotted hono bother thash

What does it mean?

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3 Responses to “Search Me”

  1. Amalia Gladhart Says:

    gate path wall water — sounds like a meditation.

    But what are divorce style huevos rancheros? Cause or effect?

  2. Ruth Horowitz Says:

    Just looked up the divorce-style. It’s huevos rancheros with two eggs side by side, each with its own sauce, one red and one green. I would never divorce someone who made that for me.

  3. msnomir Says:

    I also am intrigued by how people find my blog….

    I hope you do write something here about the Cranston High School West Controversy, eventually…

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