Michele Bachmann: Jack-o-lantern

When she announced that she’s suspending her campaign for the Republican presidential nomination today, Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann said that she “looks forward to the next chapter in God’s plan.” Since late October, we have been watching God’s plan for her unfold here at home, in the form of a jack-o-lantern. Here it is, in pictures, from  our daughter Sophie’s elegant Halloween carving through decay and collapse on our backyard tomato bed.


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5 Responses to “Michele Bachmann: Jack-o-lantern”

  1. Linda P. Epstein Says:

    Oh my. I will be chuckling for the rest of the day… The Lord does indeed work in mysterious ways. LOL!

  2. rhondasaunders Says:

    Such foresight. This is beautiful.

  3. Sophie Says:


  4. Amalia Gladhart Says:

    Wow. Very impressive pumpkin-carving to start with, and an elegant rendering of dust to dust–or squash to mush.

  5. acer Flachbildschirm Says:

    acer Flachbildschirm…

    […]Michele Bachmann: Jack-o-lantern « Giving Up The Ghost[…]…

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